A Guide on 9 Exciting Things You Must Do on Kauai Island

Things to do in Kauai

The picturesque sceneries and immaculate beaches of Kauai Island definitely serve as an ideal treat for the eyes, body, and soul. The island is filled with countless things to do and magnificent places to see. Moreover, it boasts a plethora of opportunities for you to explore the rich history and experience a unique culture through an array of ancient landmarks, museums, markets, etc.

Whether you want to spend a day unwinding at the pristine beaches, embark on a ziplining quest across the dense jungle, or go kayaking on the gushing Kauai rivers, you will have a journey of a lifetime while visiting Kauai Island. Kauai certainly lives up to an expectation of everything you can dream of – lush alpines, vivid sea precipices, sandy beaches, and raging cascades.

9 Best Things to Do in Kauai Island

Kauai Island of the infamous Hawaiian archipelago certainly does not fall short of all the
exciting things you can do. Our ultimate guide on the 9 best things to do in Kauai Island will give you a good idea of how you can make the most of your trip to this dream destination.

A helicopter ride might not be of everybody’s interest. Still, a helicopter tour of a place with such eye-catching beauty indeed calls for an exception. This helicopter ride lets you witness the entire island of Kauai from an aerial view. As you fly over the island, you will observe a vast array of diverse beauty. Witness the breathtaking waterfalls, pristine sandy beaches, striking green, and red gorges, and meander across the creeks of Napali coast.

Your bucket list of to-do things in Kauai Island must include watching the charming little turtles and adorable seals. A casual stroll alongside the Poipu Beach lets you grab a sight of some truly unique green sea turtles and monk seals resting amidst the sand. These creatures are safeguarded by the law, so it is advised to see them from a distance and avoid touching them.

The flawless sandy beaches perfectly describe Kauai Island. Hence, it is a must to include a trip to the beach in your itinerary. Poipu Beach, the primary beach along the South Coast, is worth visiting. It is well-equipped with picnic tables, lifeguards, and lodges an excellent kid’s play area.

A specific section of the water is dedicated solely for snorkeling and is entirely risk-free for kids. Perhaps one of the most unusual looking beaches in Kauai that deserves a visit for sure is the Glass Beach in Port Allen. The beach is literally crafted from washed up and smoothened glass to form shimmery pebbles in amber, white, and green.

Indeed, flavorful shaved ice treats have to be the best things to try in Kauai. This delectable Hawaiian treat is much better than your average snow cone. It is created with ice that has been shaved so excellently that it’s incredibly fluffy and soft. Shaved ice usually includes natural fruit syrups like pineapple or mango, but you can also have it topped with a dollop of fresh coconut cream, seasonal fruits, and ice cream.

There is an incredibly mesmerizing lookout in Princeville that you must stop by if you are on your way to Hanalei. It features a striking view of the breathtaking taro fields and the towering mountains. The sight is simply stunning in the morning. The dense vegetation grounds make it challenging to click scenic photos. Still, these photos will do injustice to the true beauty of this place.

Kokee State Park lies just past the Waimea Canyon and is incredibly famous for letting you experience the scenic vistas and challenging hikes of the Napali coastline. If you start your walk early in the morning, you can escape the horde of people. The Pu’u O Kila Viewpoint gives you a glance of the Napali Coast, which is quite impressive.

However, if you trek through the Pihea Trail, you can get much better outlooks. Those who want to hike longer can connect the Pihea Trail with the Swamp Trail or go hiking on the more stimulating Awa’awapuhi Trail.

The colossal, jagged cliffs of Napali Coast provide a perfect highlight of Kauai Island. They can be seen via a boat, helicopter, or on foot. The Na Pali coast gives you a chance to experience different recreational activities. The Star Na Pali Snorkel and Barbeque Sail Trip is one of the things you must include in your bucket list of must-do things in Kauai. It consists of a stop for snorkeling, where you can savor the sight of many underwater creatures.

Adventure junkies who wish to surge their adrenaline levels and experience the most thrilling adventures of life will surely fall in love with a place like Kauai. From flying amidst the dense rainforests to going mountain biking to embarking on a zip line escapade to passing through rocky ridges – Kauai has no limit when it comes to recreation.

Kauai is home to many sites for scuba diving on all levels, from newbies to veteran divers. You can hop on to a diving tour that gives you a chance to explore ample reef creatures, exotic fish, dolphins, and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Professional divers have access to more exhilarating areas like shores in the west and the east, including lava tubes and caves.

There is not shortage of things to do in Kauai. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy Kauai in all of its beauty either. There are many great ways to see much of the island that are free, so long as you have a car or other means of transportation. For some more ideas on things to see and what you can do, you can check out bestthingstodoinkauai.com. They offer many great suggestions as well as some of the best providers of the different services and activities.

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